ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android

ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android
ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android
ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android
ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android

ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer Print from iOS and Android

COMPUTERS / TABLETS & NETWORKING. ZINK Wireless Touchscreen Photo Booth Printer - Print from iOS and Android. ZINK hAppy+ Smart App Printer.

Featuring the Google Android operating system, the hAppy+ has built-in Wi-Fi, a touchscreen, and runs ZINK apps, making it your all-in-one tool for designing and printing whatever you can imagine, all from the palm of your hand. Via built-in ZINK apps, users can create and print directly on the hAppy+ without needing other devices. Just load a ZINK zRoll; create the design on the printers touchscreen; press print; and then place and adhere the print to create a variety of projects. HAppy+ is also compatible with Apple AirPrint and Google Cloudprint. The hAppy+ can also work as a companion to smartphones and tablets.

Ness in the palm of your hand. The ZINK hAppy+ is an all-in-one tool for designing and printing tags, stickers, labels, photos and more in full color and without ink. Operating system, built-in Wi-Fi, a touchscreen, and pre-loaded apps, the hAppy+ is the only device you need to design and print from the palm of your hand.

Just load a ZINK zRoll (ink-free ZINK Paper in roll form), make a design on the printer's touchscreen, press print and then create anything from greeting cards to home decor and more. You can also print to the hAppy+ from a variety of apps already on your smartphone or tablet or available in your favorite app store. With a built-in touchscreen and Google Android 4.0 operating system, no other device is needed. Fast, full-color, ink-free, smudge-free printing any length up to 17.

No more expensive and messy ink cartridges! Full color in every ZINK zRoll. Portable, wireless, with a built-in battery for on-the-go printing. Pre-loaded ZINK Design & Print Studio app including thousands of design elements, such as frames, fonts, art, backgrounds, and ready-made designs. Accepts SD cards to easily import photos from your digital camera.

The perfect tool for organizing, creating, or just having fun at home, school, or for business. There are thousands of uses for the hAppy+ and you'll be sure to discover even more fun applications on your own.

Print to hAppy+ from iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, Android smartphone and tablets, & Amazon Kindle Fire. Built-in automatic cutter that kiss cuts for easy peeling including batch printing mode. ZRolls feature acid-free adhesive backing and are available in 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" 2 widths. Built-in Wi-Fi hot spot and connects to any home Wi-Fi network. All-in-one Smart App Printer, ½ ZINK zRoll, Cleaning zRoll, Power Adapter, Quick Start Guide.

Apps put the "app" in hAppy. ZINK Design & Print Studio app. The ZINK Design & Print Studio app transforms your hAppy into an indispensable all-in-one companion.

Together, they empower you to create so much from amazing home accent pieces to photo gifts to simple fun stickers. Create designs any length up to 17. Indludes 1,000+ of design elements, more available at the ZINK store.

Powerful, yet simple edit features like crop, rotate, copy, resize, all with the touch of your finger. Import photos from smartphones, tablets, Facebook, Instagram. Available on the Amazon App store, Apple App Store, and Google Play. Finally, unleash the power of your apps. The ZINK hAppy is AirPrint.

Enabled, meaning with the touch of a button, you can print from over 10,000 apps already available for your iPhone®, iPad. Print from your photo gallery, camera apps, notes and your social media stream. Endless access to everything once trapped on your smart device!

The MailEasy app makes creating a lot of address labels effortless. Simply select or create a design, connect MailEasy to your online contacts, and print.

No more dreading those holiday cards or wedding thank yous! Make big prints from a tiny hAppy!

Print photos that assemble into print sizes from 4x6 to 16x20. Simply import a photo from your device's photo album, Facebook, or Instagram. Select the final size, the print mode, and press print. The app automatically enlarges your images and divides it into sections that together form a large print. Modes include horizontal, vertical, squares, and mosaic strips and tiles.

Yes, you did read that right. A technology that produces photo-quality, full-color print without using ink cartridges, ribbons, or toner. The technology encompasses both the ZINK Paper. Within each zRoll and the intelligence embedded in every ZINK Smart APP Printer The fundamental concept is simple, yet extraordinary: Heat from the hAppy or hAppy+ activates the unique color-forming crystals embedded in the layers of ZINK Paper. Color then emerges to form a full-color print. ZINK Paper® -- Innovations in Physics. The cyan, yellow, and magenta dye crystals that enable the magic of ZINK, were invented by ZINK Imaging scientists through a rigorous discovery process. Each molecule is finely tuned, colorless and invisible to the naked eye. When activated at very high temperatures for fractions of a second, the crystals move from colorless to colored to create beautiful images. When cooled, the crystals new color state is permanently retained.

ZINK® Dye Crystals -- Magic Molecules. With each zRoll is more than 19' of ZINK Paper.

An advanced composite material composed of multiple layers of color-forming chemistry. The multiple layers are coated as a think "stack" onto a base layer. A polymer coating protects the layers from moisture, UV exposure, and fading.

Amazingly, all the layers combined is less than the thickness of a human hair. ZINK Paper looks like regular white photo paper until heat activates the different color layers independently to create full-color. 1,001 Uses for the hAppy. There are so many uses for the hAppy, you'll be creating a little bit of hAppy-ness every day! HAppy prints can decorate, personalize and customize everything from handmade gifts, wraps & tags, greeting cards & invitations, jewelry, photo projects, address labels, a myriad of organization tasks, business projects, scrapbooking, home decor, kids stickers & family fun, to name just a few.

Customize, personalize, and protect your hAppy+ Smart App Printer with these great accessories: ZINK hAppy Travel Bag ZINK hAppy Toolkit ZINK hAppy+ Protective Sleeves ZINK hAppy+ Screen Protectors. Widths w/ Acid Free Adhesive 1/2 Zroll. Built-in Cutter w/ Batch Mode.

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